Amber and Gio

Amber and Gio

Namaste, yogis! I'm Amber Ricchetti, founder of New Mom Rising, and this is the story of how I found my way here.

I discovered yoga while growing up in Half Moon Bay, CA, and have since used it as a tool during many life transitions. Yoga has been a safe framework to help me navigate the seemingly constant changes of life.

My practice and love of yoga really deepened when I was pregnant with my son in 2012. I regularly attended prenatal yoga and it gave me a sense of community and comfort during a difficult time (my nausea never subsided - I felt sick for 10 mos!) My beautiful son, Gio, was born January 14, 2013, and I was madly and deeply in love from the very beginning. Unfortunately the road to new motherhood was not as easy as society had lead me to believe. Although his birth was routine, we encountered nursing problems and within 2 weeks I was in the grip of postpartum depression and anxiety. Yoga, along with therapy, medication, acupuncture, and the endless support of friends, family and doulas, helped me through this life-threatening time. To this day, those first few months of Gio’s life are the darkest of mine.

Eventually life normalized and my little family found it’s groove. I was regularly attending Bikram Yoga classes and began working at I AM Yoga and Wellness, a lovely studio in Half Moon Bay. But as life would have it, by the time Gio was two a change in my husband’s career moved us from San Francisco to Madison, WI, and again I needed yoga more than ever. Just six months after moving here I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training through Dragonfly Hot Yoga and started teaching Aroma Yin Yoga. Then I volunteered teaching yoga at Gio’s preschool, which lead me to join the team at little om BIG OM. In September 2015 I completed the Barre3 training, where I also teach Yoga, Pilates and Ballet Barre.

Life was full and happy but I knew there was something more I needed to do. I loved helping people and society through yoga, as physical asanas are a game changer for many of us, but there was a spiritual component missing from both my life and my work. I started working with an amazing Intuitive Life Coach, Alyson Wagner, and joined her Accessing Your Intuition Program. Through our work together she helped me realize my deeper spiritual and healing gifts. Things I kept somewhat hidden as they aren’t always valued in this world. Like being an Empath. An Intuitive. A Healer.

A lot of deep, hard, healing work created major energetic shifts in my life, and the idea of New Mom Rising was born. I dove into a prenatal/postnatal teacher training program through Bliss Baby Yoga, created my website, and here I am today: Dedicating my life’s work to helping other women -- moms -- discover and prioritize their authentic selves despite societal demands, norms and pressures. I view New Mom Rising as my second child, and a positive manifestation of my triumphs as a woman and mother. This is a yoga and spiritual wellness movement for women in all stages of motherhood. I hope you will join me here. We, women, are the first educators of children. Empowering ourselves empowers our children. So the work we do and the lives we live have the power to change the world.