The Heart Stuff: Miscarriage, a Sad but Natural Part of Life

Life has so many twists and turns. If anything, the path isn’t linear, and sometimes less clear than I’d like it to be. Many of you know I was sick with nausea most of my pregnancy with Gio (now 6 1/2 years old!). I also suffered with severe postpartum depression and was unable to nurse. This trifecta made me join the “one and done club.” I was completely convinced I didn’t want another kid, and that pregnancy amnesia was an old wives tale (how could you forget so much pain and suffering?!). But…my heart changed last August when Gio entered kindergarten. I can’t pinpoint the exact thing or moment, but like the Grinch my heart began to grow and I realized i had room for another baby in my heart and life. My husband, Matt, was quite surprised by this change. I’m pretty sure he thought I’d change my mind again, but we decided to give it the old college try and see if we could give Gio a sibling (which Gio was asking about for some time).

Well, I’m not sure if it’s age, or time, or just life being surprising, but it wasn’t as easy to get pregnant the second time around. In fact, it was downright hard. Per the doctors “everything was fine” but each month my cycle left me further from a baby, and it was certainly stressful on my marriage and taking a toll on my self-esteem. Almost a year in, after several tests and troubleshooting and hoping and dreaming, we attempted a Clomid round….and it worked. I was certainly not expecting it to work on the first go, and that first faint pink line had me hopeful. I also half thought the Clomid was still in my system and that had affected the test (Google said this was possible, so you know, it messed with my mind a little bit). A few more days, a few more pregnancy tests, and I was convinced this could be the real thing. Blood work confirmed and a few weeks later morning sickness set-in. So Thank You Universe, I was finally pregnant again!

In my work as a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher I am unfortunately aware miscarriage is a sad part of life, and the doctor also set-up expectations that 1:4 pregnancies end in the first trimester. I was certainly worried that I could miscarry, but things seemed to progress “normally” for 3 months. It wasn’t until I went in for my 12-week ultrasound, where I was expecting to hear another heartbeat and see something that more closely resembled a baby than a ball of cells, that the doctor said it wasn’t viable any longer. When I close my eyes I can still see the sad look on her face and feel my heart drop all over again. Apparently the embryo stopped growing several weeks before, but I had obviously no idea. I was finding it somewhat difficult to spiritually connect to the baby in the weeks prior, but I also felt very sick which everyone says is a good sign. A few days before receiving the sad news my acupuncturist confirmed a strong “prenatal heart-beat” for me which certainly gave me hope that all was progressing well. I had been doing reiki and chiropractic and acupuncture and yoga and meditation and all the self-care that I could to support myself and the pregnancy (albeit maybe working a little too much).

So there I sat in my OB’s office on Friday, receiving the information all by myself that there was no baby. I think what caught me the most off-guard was that the reality I was experiencing was completely opposite the truth. I felt pregnant but I wasn’t. I was expecting to hear and see the heartbeat but there wasn’t one. My heart and body and mind and life was preparing for a baby to come in early February and that wasn’t going to happen. I am still struggling with the existential question, “How do I stay spiritual when I’m so angry at God and the Universe?” And, “How do I have faith when I’m completely distrustful in my body’s ability to get and stay pregnant?” Above all I’m struggling most with the loss of the dream of what could’ve been. And that really just makes each day since Friday feel like another lonely day (I’ve been playing the Ben Harper song on repeat),.

Friday was a day of sad news and also a day of decisions: How to move forward from here. Waiting for my body to miscarry on it’s own wasn’t really an option as I am teaching a kids yoga camp this week and on vacation next week. Timing sucks, right? Choosing to have a procedure to remove the cells felt like something I could control - some semblance of power and choice in an otherwise completely vulnerable position. Matt was across country for work, and my parents were also out of town, but my sister and her boyfriend and a family friend stepped up to support me. Gio was quickly in good hands Friday night, and my rides to and from the hospital were arranged. So weird to think that Friday morning I was planning to create a New Mom Rising pregnancy announcement email and send it to you all, “New Mom Rising Welcoming a New Baby!” Well, by 8pm Friday night I was home, very not-pregnant, and knew this email would have to go out instead.

Way harder than writing this announcement, though, was telling Gio there wasn’t going to be a baby anymore. He handled it really well, asked a few smart questions, and then said the most beautiful thing: “Well, at least you have me. That’s pretty lucky.” An he’s 100% right. We are so lucky and blessed. But in this moment I still feel sad and alone and completely angry.

In-spite of being angry that I lost this pregnancy, I still deeply want to believe everything happens for a reason. When I was at the hospital Friday afternoon, prepping for the D&C, I received one piece of information I really needed to hear, and from an unlikely source. I’m not sure how or why, but the nurse felt comfortable sharing that she is also an energy worker (obviously right up by alley) and that most miscarriages like this occur because the baby’s spirit gets “afraid”. As a highly sensitive and intuitive person I know being a human and living in this physical world isn’t easy. According to this enlightened nurse the miscarriage is the baby’s sign of being scared. But she also said the baby’s spirit stays with the parents and will most likely come back again when the timing’s right. So what I’m hoping, with all of my heart and being, is that my baby’s spirit will stay with me and decide to come to this earth and be in my life. Maybe it just needs a little more time to get comfortable with the idea of earth and it will make it here the next time around.

A silver-lining, if I will, is definitely how many women have come forth and shared their own loss with me. Miscarriage is such a normal, although painful, part of life. I have talked to many women over the last few days who have shared their own loss in order to help me heal. And that is what this letter is all about. Sharing with others to heal in community. If my experience can help one mama deal with her own loss then I know it isn’t in vain. The experiences around miscarriages are different, but the feelings of loss are the same. Some of us have miscarried alone at home. Some in public places. Some at 6 weeks and some at several months. I have a close family member who lost a pregnancy at 7 months along. Some of us have had a few miscarriages between beautiful babies. Some have chosen to adopt. And for some, like me, it’s left to be known how the story ends. I don’t want this to be my final chapter, and although I’m mistrustful of my body and the Universe at this point in time, I know there’s still a glimmer of hope in my heart that I can achieve and sustain pregnancy and add another life to our beautiful family.

But as for today, well, it’s just another lonely day.

“yesterday seems like a life ago
cause the one I love
today I hardly know
you I held so close in my heart oh dear
grow further from me
with every fallen tear

it wouldn't have worked out any way
so now it's just another lonely day
further along we just may
but for now it's just another lonely day”

(Ben Harper, Another Lonely Day)

May - The Month of Mom at New Mom Rising and Sensitive Solutions

“Everyone wants to hold the baby, but who holds the mom?” - Quote unknown, but felt in the heart of every mom.

Witness the sunrise-2.png

For every mom that’s felt like they need to be held, uplifted, catch a break, fall apart to be pieced back together, we hear you, we hold you, and you’ve got this!

Special 5/4 and 5/7 Pre/Postnatal Yoga + Barre Classes

In honor of YOU, I am creating a little extra “mom holding space” during my 5/4 and 5/7 9am Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga + Barre classes at the Studio at Sensitive Solutions. We use “postnatal” loosely so any “mom” can enjoy this slightly more mellow and nourishing flow/barre class. In addition, childcare is going to be FREE during the 5/7 class. Sign-up for classes and childcare here:

These 5/4 and 5/7 classes will include a Red Thread Ceremony that symbolizes the unity, community and interconnection of all moms.  Here's a bit about the ceremony: The space is safe and sacred. During this short circle time we share in the Red Thread Ceremony where a long red thread is passed from mother to mother, as we share our names and a word or sentence about our current needs or experience as moms or moms-to-be. Class will end with an extra-yummy essential oil mini massage in savasana, followed by nourishing bevies.

Other Mother’s Day Offerings at Sensitive Solutions Studio:

  • Free vinyasa yoga 5/6 am

  • Free Buti Yoga 5/7 pm

  • Free Childcare 5/7 am

Register in advance here:

Social Media Yoga Giveaway - Share a Picture of What Motherhood and/or Love Means to You and be Entered to Win a FREE Yoga Class

Moms, through Mother’s Day (5/12), share a picture on your Facebook and/or Instagram Feed that represents what Motherhood Means to you! Tag @NewMomRising and @SensitiveSolutions and you’ll be entered into a random drawing to receive a free 1-hr private yoga class taught by Amber Ricchetti of New Mom Rising (me) at my home-based yoga studio in Half Moon Bay.

Bonus Entry: If you have taken a pre-postnatal yoga class at either New Mom Rising or Sensitive Solutions Studio, OR used the childcare at Sensitive Solutions, write a short testimonial and you will be entered into the drawing TWICE.


Terms and Conditions of Social Media Yoga Giveaway:

  • Must identify as being a mom and woman, and have raised or be raising children. This is inclusive and all mothers are eligible regardless of race, age, sexual orientation, etc. You may be a step-mom, adoptive mom, biological mom, etc.

  • Yoga prize is valued at $75 but cannot be redeemed for cash.

  • Up to two entries per person

  • Winner must be able to come to New Mom Rising’s yoga studio in Half Moon Bay (on their own dime) to receive the yoga class.

  • Class Valid until Mother’s Day 2020

  • Challenge dates: 5/1-5/12/19

  • Tag @NewMomRising and @SensitiveSolutions to be eligible

Shift Happens

Shift Happens: Updates to New Mom Rising's Class Schedule and Offerings
A while back I received an email with the subject line "Shift Happens." It was super catchy and got me thinking about all the shifts in my life, and how one of the only guarantees in life is "change." 

As a yoga teacher I talk a lot about being flexible and making room in life for the things we desire most. But like anyone else it is easy for me to go through the motions of a busy life and get stuck in routine. 

Lately I received some gentle nudges from the universe telling me it's time to make a slight shift in my teaching schedule. It took me a bit to figure out exactly what those changes and next steps were, but I knew I had to take my own yoga teacher advice and move towards the next phase of my journey. Moving past the fear of the unknown can be scary, and I felt the what ifs and doubts creep up, but on the other side is freedom and liberation and the fulfillment of dreams and desires. 

I present you with the next phase of New Mom Rising. It's simply an evolution to help serve more mamas on the coast by offering larger pre/postnatal group yoga classes and yoga/barre/sculpt classes WITH childcare on site. These group classes are held at the Sensitive Solutions center, an amazing new space in El Granada offering a wide variety classes and services for families and kids.

To make room for this shift I had to leave my studio jobs at I AM and FIT, but there are many amazing teachers to teach those classes. Mamas with young kids are such an underserved population and I'm trying to fill a very important hole that is also close to my heart as a mom with a young and growing family. 

Please join me on this journey by checking out my updated yoga offerings in Half Moon Bay and the Coastside. I look forward to seeing you (and your babies!) on the mat. 

Calendar NMR.jpg

Press Release: New Mom Rising Announces Ribbon Cutting Celebration & Informational

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony (2).jpg

For Immediate Release                    

New Mom Rising
Amber Ricchetti

New Mom Rising Announces Ribbon Cutting Celebration and Informational

(Half Moon Bay, CA) New Mom Rising LLC, announced today that they will be partnering with the Half Moon Bay Coastside Chamber of Commerce and Visitors’ Bureau to commemorate the new business with a ribbon cutting ceremony to be held at Cameron's Pub. The celebration is set for Monday, October 2, 2017, from 5:00-6:30pm. Join us for pizza and salad, beer & wine, family-friendly yoga games, a prize drawing and more. The ribbon cutting is slated for 5:30pm. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the festivities. RSVP at

Several local business leaders and dignitaries are scheduled to appear. New Mom Rising is excited and optimistic about becoming part of the Chamber and Half Moon Bay Coastside business community. “As a Coastside Native, I’m thrilled to give back to the community and support coastsiders by sharing the gifts of yoga and mindfulness” said Amber Ricchetti, New Mom Rising Owner and Instructor. “New Mom Rising is new to the coast so throwing a party and ribbon cutting ceremony is a great introduction." 

New Mom Rising is a boutique, in-home and mobile yoga studio specializing in pre/postnatal yoga, yoga for kids and schools, yoga parties, barre classes and more. Studio classes are limited to 4 yogis. They are located at 608 Silver Ave. in HMB and are open during scheduled yoga classes and by appointment. In an effort to make yoga accessible for moms and kids, New Mom Rising adds yoga classes to the schedule by request and also takes the studio on the road. Customers are welcome to visit them online at or call them directly at 650-454-9524 to schedule a class.

The Half Moon Bay Coastside Chamber of Commerce and Visitors’ Bureau celebrated its 50 year anniversary in 2013 and represents nearly 600 member businesses along the San Mateo County Coast. The Chamber is a partnership of business professionals working together to strengthen a sustainable socio-economic climate in our unique Coastside community. This membership organization provides networking opportunities and represents the interests of business with government.

Summer Solstice Crystals

Namaste dear friends. Thank you for celebrating the Summer Solstice with us at Soulshine! I hope your internal flame is still shinning bright. 

At the bottom of your beautiful gift basket was a paper with pics of the crystals used in class. There were a few modifications, so the updated crystal images are shown here. 

Below the images is a brief description of the stone's power and related chakras. I hope you enjoy them for continued balancing and healing! 

As always, working with your divine spirit is a pleasure and honor. 

The light and love in me sees and honors the light and love in all of you. Namaste. 


PS - Info from Shannon about the earthly and heavenly scents, oils and lotions, is coming soon! 

Gems of the Summer Solstice 

Gems of the Summer Solstice 

1. Root Chakra/1st Chakra: Red Jasper to alleviate stress and reconnect with Earth’s grounding energies. Its cleansing effect eliminates negativity, returning it to its source, and stabilizing the aura. Cedarwood represents the strong and grounding elements. 

2. Sacral/2nd Chakra: Sea glass is a symbol of physical, spiritual and emotional transformation. 

3. Solar Plexus/3rd Chakra: Amber unites the warming energy of the Sun with strong connections of the Earth to provide a potent grounding and cleansing energy. Amber balances and protects the solar plexus chakra. Pumice Stone represents the chakra - it is a very light and porous volcanic rock created from fire and heat. Emotionally pumice symbolizes a callus texture used to removed abrasions. 

4. Heart Chakra/4th Chakra: The fair and lovely Rose Quartz, with its gentle pink essence, is a stone of the heart. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort.

5. Throat Chakra/5th Chakra: Howlite is a stone of modesty and understatement. It balances energy flow in chaotic spaces and infuses them with peaceful energy and tranquility. It helps reduce conflicts and facilitates respectful communication. 

6. 3rd Eye Chakra/6th Chakra: Unakite is a stone that encourages visionary abilities by opening your psychic vision. It works through the third eye chakra and aids you to visualize the things you desire in your life. 

7. Crown Chakra/7th Chakra: Sea Quartz amplifies healing and calming effect of all the other crystals, neutralizes negative vibrations

Welcome to New Mom Rising!

Welcome Home

Namaste, Mamas and Families! Welcome to New Mom Rising, a boutique yoga studio providing yoga, fitness and wellness to support moms, kids and families. 

Maybe your future child is a glimmer in your eye. Perhaps you're creating life in your belly at this very moment. You might even be an experienced mom, dad or caregiver who just needs some extra TLC and self-care. 

Wherever you are on your path, I am here to support you on your unique journey of motherhood and familyhood. 

New Mom Rising is all about focusing on you and taking care of your needs, so you feel more energized and equipped to meet the needs of those who depend on your kids!

I look forward to working with you on your way to living a fulfilling life as both a parent and a unique, authentic being. 

With love and blessings,


You Know You Have a Crystal Child When...

A few nights ago Gio was having a particularly hard time falling asleep. After the usual round of stalling (I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, I have to go potty) he got out of bed again and went to the crystal table. I half-heartedly warned him that it's bedtime, not time to play with crystals. So he returned with a box of crystals which he wanted to sleep next to. And that's what he did! He cuddled up to it, put his pudgy arm around it, and promptly fell into a peaceful sleep. Amen!

I eventually removed the box, and felt a bit guilty about it, so put a large rose quartz under his pillow. All was still and silent and perfect until about 2am when he awoke, crying, "I swallowed a crystal! I'm going to die! I swallowed a crystal!"

I was very confused at that moment. Did he swallow the crystal before he went to bed (he did recently swallow a penny...)? Did I drop a little gem next to him that he put in his mouth while sleeping? Did he dream it? I realized it was the latter.

Gio calmed down after I assured him he wasn't going to die; that he just had a dream that scared him a little bit. As he melted towards slumber again he mumbled, "It's OK mommy, the crystal will protect my bones."

His positive attitude filled my heart as it always does. I relaxed towards sleep myself with a blissed-out smile on my face. He is indeed my little Crystal Child!

* For those who aren't familiar, a Crystal Child is a child born with certain spiritual gifts. As Doreen Virtue describes, "They are happy, delightful and forgiving. This generation of new lightworkers, roughly ages 0 through 7, are like no previous generation. They’re among the most connected, communicative, caring and cuddly of any generation. They are also quite philosophical and spiritually gifted. And they display an unprecedented level of kindness and sensitivity to this world."

I Am a Mother (Ode to my son)

I am a Mother, a goddess, divine light, creator of life.

I am a Mother, a caretaker, a teacher, a guide.

I am a Mother, a multi-tasker, a manager, an organizer.

I am a Mother, a nurse, a doula, a miracle worker.

I am a Mother, a dreamer, a believer, a cheerleader.

I am a Mother, a chauffeur, a shopper, a house keeper.

I am a Mother, a sous chef, a short-order-cook, a waiter.

I am a Mother, a singer, a storyteller, a writer.

I am a Mother, an engineer, a builder, a handyman.

I am a Mother, a playmate, a companion, a friend.

I am a Mother, a listener, a talker, a shoulder on which to cry.

I am a Mother, a nurturer, a lover, your wings to fly.

I am a Mother, a mediator, a referee, your moral compass.

I am a Mother, a beacon, an anchor, unconditional love.

You helped me become all of these things -- more than I ever thought I could be!

But the best thing you made me is a Mother.

And the best thing I made is you, Sweet Giovanni.






Experiences in Parenting: Intuitive Parenting + My Son's Surgery

"Always trust a father's suspicion and a mother's intuition." - Unknown

As I write this post, my son is sleeping next to me in bed. We have a "family" bed because he never made the transition from a crib to a toddler bed - mostly because intuitively it didn't seem right. He never slept through the night and always woke up crying, alone, needing/wanting me. We could've sleep trained him but at two-years-old my husband and I figured we'd roll with this phase of his development. We bought a king-size bed, cuddle together at night, and it works for us.

But this post isn't actually about co-sleeping. This post is about intuitive parenting, and how I knew early on that there was something off about Gio's sleep. More specifically, his breathing. Part of our concern with his sleep is he snores. Not sometimes, but every night. His snoring is akin to an adult - the kind that might require ear plugs to make it through the night. In addition, he holds his breath frequently while sleeping (gasp) and even occasionally grinds his teeth. 

Unrelated to sleep was the excessive drooling resulting in minor speech impediments (most likely due to extra tissue in his throat); an umbilical hernia (that wasn't just an outie belly button?!); and inner-ear hearing loss due to fluid behind his ears (could also affect his speech).

So we scheduled the gamut: Tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, tubes, umbilical hernia repair. 

Leading up to the surgery was not easy. We mentally prepared for the worst but (cautiously) hoped for the best. Although his procedures were all elective and routine, it seemed so invasive. So much to put a three year old boy through. The anesthesia, the recovery, the medicine, the risks of bleeding and rushing back to the ER, the risks of dehydration. There were just so many unknowns and so much to plan for. Not to mention the emotional component of it. Do we discuss it with him in advance? How much does he need to know? And because his surgery required the ENT surgeon and general surgeon, the scheduling was complicated, and surgery was booked two and a half months out. All the knowing and anticipation wore me out. Such a big part of me didn't ever want the day to arrive, but at the same time it couldn't have come soon enough. By the end there was nothing more to prepare. We could only show up and walk through the fear. Trust in the process. Trust in ourselves that it was the right decision for our son and family. Hope and pray for the best...

Being a parent can be HARD. I can't believe it's just been over 24 hours since we returned home from the hospital. And that the toughest parenting day of my life was only yesterday. It was compounded by the months leading up to it. Frequent concerns if we were doing the right thing, all of the doctors appointments and research, fear of the outcome, sadness for the pain I knew Gio would feel.

Gio's surgery was at the American Family Children's Hospital in Madison, WI, and the facility, doctors and staff were amazing. Purely by luck it was schedule first thing in the morning and that helped a lot with the mandatory pre-surgery fasting (I can't tell you how much I agonized over that). There was a Child Life Specialist who used dramatic play to help Gio prepare for anesthesia. He picked out a mask, "painted" it with flavoring, put it on his pup, then on me and his dad, then himself. We did decide to talk to him about his surgery in advance, so he wasn't totally blindsided. I am still glad we took that approach—the promise of unlimited ice cream and popsicles is powerful. Gio got to pick a special pillow case and we spoiled him with Thomas Mini Train Blind Bags in the hospital. Gio was a champ until it wasn't fun anymore. He didn't want to get weighed, so threw himself on the floor. He didn't want to wear the purple jammies they gave him, "yucky Jammies," he said. He didn't want to cooperate at all. I felt and shared his unease.

Enter next tough decision: Do we give him medication for anxiety? Will that help calm him down? Does he really need it?

We talked it over with ourselves and the staff, and decided it was the right thing to do at the time. We prepped as he quickly mellowed. I donned the paper-thin blue scrubs and hat and booties. We snuggled together on the bed and were wheeled in our chariot to the OR for anesthesia. I sang him our special song (A Bushel and a Peck by Doris Day, which my Grandmother used to sing to me); I told him stories and he laughed. He was pretty loopy at this point and it was sweet and funny. I tried not to feel guilty for thinking he was being funny. I silently prayed. Thank goodness for the anti-anxiety meds because he didn't bat an eye at all the medical equipment. They pushed the hospital bed up to the operating table and gently lifted him onto it. Sweet boy even made a cute joke about "a bed for Gio and a bed for mommy" as the two beds were side by side. He didn't even object to the mask which he painted with strawberry flavoring and decorated with car stickers not long before. I sang him more songs and told him I loved him and at the very end he thrashed a bit before surrendering to sleep. The anesthesiologist told me to kiss him and leave the room. It wasn't a request and I knew I had to comply. As the Child Life Specialist escorted me out of the room it felt like someone ripped my heart out of my chest and left it bleeding on the table. I walked out like a zombie with tears streaming down my face.

The waiting is the hardest part and that was pretty much all we could do for the next two hours. My mom had flown in from California and she and my husband went to get us some food and coffee. The hospital room was empty without his bed in it. There was plenty of space to do yoga but my shoulders were so tight from the stress that I didn't want to get into a downward dog (although I'm sure it would've helped in the end). I opted for the subtler parts of my yoga and spiritual practice. I grounded myself with Pranayama deep breathing. I visualized Gio's body and tried to help heal him by meditating on his chakras that were being affected by the surgery (his sacral chakra and throat chakra). I created a strong cord between our hearts and left my heart wide open to him. I imagined a soft, pink, loving energy flowing between our hearts. I sent every guardian angel and spirit guide of mine into the room with him and saw them holding hands in a protective circle around him. I straight up knelt on the cold hospital floor and prayed out loud. And then, when my mom and Matt returned with food, I consoled myself with gluten and caffeine.

After we ate it didn't seem like long until the doc came in and announced that the surgeries were over. All went well and Gio was being awoken in the recovery room. Two of us could enter so Matt and I went in. We heard him crying, ran up to the bed and saw him writhing. We had been warned and knew this was a normal reaction for some kids when waking up from anesthesia; It didn't make it any easier. We were talking to him, touching him, caressing him. The nurse gave him some more pain medication through the IV and I jumped in the bed with him. Shortly he calmed down and slept on me, his little body collapsing to comfort. I was terrified. I was done trying to be strong. How could we do this to our baby? The guilt and responsibility I felt for his pain was magnanimous.

Fast forward one day. Gio is sleeping next to me, he is quiet, relaxed, and the only way I know he's breathing is because I can see the gentle rise-and-fall of his little belly and chest. We were forewarned that it could be some time before we see an improvement in his breathing and sleep, but his changes are immediate. His recovery has been routine and he is (dare I say it?) thriving already. Better sleep, better hearing, better speech (his voice is different and much clearer); eating, drinking, going to the bathroom. Obviously round the clock medication is extremely important for pain management. It results in sleepless nights for me and Matt but healing vibes for little G. I'm hopeful the hardest part to come will be keeping his activity levels low for the next 5 days.

This mama is experiencing healing relief, peace and gratitude and right now. Gratitude for the universe pointing us down this path. Gratitude for listening to my son's body and trusting my own intuition. Gratitude for my husband, parents, in-laws...our "village" who provided generous support and unconditional love during this time. I am most grateful for the resilience of my little guy, and how quickly his body is healing. He is on the express train to recovery and I know in my heart he will be even better than ever in just a week's time. And that will make this whole experience worth it.

With love and blessings,