Shift Happens

Shift Happens: Updates to New Mom Rising's Class Schedule and Offerings
A while back I received an email with the subject line "Shift Happens." It was super catchy and got me thinking about all the shifts in my life, and how one of the only guarantees in life is "change." 

As a yoga teacher I talk a lot about being flexible and making room in life for the things we desire most. But like anyone else it is easy for me to go through the motions of a busy life and get stuck in routine. 

Lately I received some gentle nudges from the universe telling me it's time to make a slight shift in my teaching schedule. It took me a bit to figure out exactly what those changes and next steps were, but I knew I had to take my own yoga teacher advice and move towards the next phase of my journey. Moving past the fear of the unknown can be scary, and I felt the what ifs and doubts creep up, but on the other side is freedom and liberation and the fulfillment of dreams and desires. 

I present you with the next phase of New Mom Rising. It's simply an evolution to help serve more mamas on the coast by offering larger pre/postnatal group yoga classes and yoga/barre/sculpt classes WITH childcare on site. These group classes are held at the Sensitive Solutions center, an amazing new space in El Granada offering a wide variety classes and services for families and kids.

To make room for this shift I had to leave my studio jobs at I AM and FIT, but there are many amazing teachers to teach those classes. Mamas with young kids are such an underserved population and I'm trying to fill a very important hole that is also close to my heart as a mom with a young and growing family. 

Please join me on this journey by checking out my updated yoga offerings in Half Moon Bay and the Coastside. I look forward to seeing you (and your babies!) on the mat. 

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