Goat Yoga at Lemos Farm

Many of you know I'm obsessed with Goat Yoga. This is something I wanted to teach since discovering it when we lived in the Midwest a few years ago. Last spring my dream came true, and Goat Yoga at Lemos Farm is coming back for another season! I teach most (but not all) of the classes and would love to share this amazing experience with you.

Frequently I'm asked, "Why Goat Yoga?" The short answer is because it is pure joy. The goats are so loving and curious and kind. They also have a playful attitude which takes some of the seriousness out of yoga and let's us know it's OK to "play" on our mat. You also can't help but be completely present in a Goat Yoga class. There is so much to experience that you are completely in the "here and now." Yes, the goats will walk under your Downward Dog. And yes, they will jump on your back in Cat-Cow or in your arms in Tree Pose (if desired). And yes, quite possibly they will poop on your mat (I promise it's not as bad as you might think). Come a skeptic...leave obsessed! These yoga goats can win over any heart. 

We've done quite a few interviews on the topic. Here's the most recent one: Goat Yoga Trend Hits HMB
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Classes do sell out, but we have wiggle room so feel free to contact me if the date/time you want is sold out. We're starting the season with Saturday and Sunday classes but we will add more as the weather warms up and as new baby goats (kids) are born in the spring!