Postnatal Group Yoga

mom bay.jpg

This 60-min postnatal yoga class is designed for mama and baby! (Best-suited for 1-6mos postpartum.)

Class held at the Sensitive Solutions Center in El Granada. Childcare is also available on site!

Session includes:

  • Postnatal yoga, pilates, ballet barre and light strength training, in order to help you reconnect with your body and heal after pregnancy and childbirth. (Think pelvic floor, glutes, core, heart openers, shoulder stretches, etc.)

  • If your little one is awake we'll incorporate him/her into the poses for closeness and bonding.

  • Gentle assists and healing touch for mama.

  • A community of women and built-in support network to address common questions and concerns about this new phase of life.

  • Aromatherapy