Prenatal Group Yoga + Barre

Prenatal Yoga

Studies show over and over again that what’s good for mom is good for baby -- and this begins in utero! That’s just one of many reasons why yoga is so beneficial for pregnancy.

This 60-min prenatal group yoga + barre class is designed especially for pregnant mamas and their growing needs. Class includes:

  • Sun Salutations and yoga poses designed especially for pregnancy

  • Gentle strength training including ballet-barre, light handheld weights and pilates for improved focus and stamina

  • A safe space to build awareness towards your changing physical and emotional needs

  • An opportunity to develop a deep heart-connection with your baby-to-be

  • Gentle hands-on assists and appropriate modifications

  • Guided breath work, meditation and visualization for pregnancy and labor

  • A community of mothers

  • Aromatherapy

Class held at the Sensitive Solutions Center in El Granada. Childcare is also available on site!