Keiki Yoga and Mindfulness

 For Kids (Keiki) and Families (Ohana)


Kid's Yoga Parties

Keiki (Kids) Yoga Parties

Experience the Joy of Celebrating Birthdays and Special Events with Yoga

  • Mobile Keiki (kids) Yoga Party is held in your home or space you provide on the Coastside

  • We provide mats, props and all other supplies for the yoga portion of the party

  • ~45 minute yoga class

  • After yoga we head out so you can continue the party fun

  • Theme requests welcome (ideas include fairytales, superheros, vehicles, animals, under the sea, space adventure and more)

  • Up to 20 children

  • Price: $80

Ohana (Family) Yoga

Family Yoga Class for Kids (ages 1-4) and their Caregivers

Family Yoga

Family Yoga

This 45-min class is designed to get  kids moving, build confidence, enhance body-awareness, and facilitate family bonding! Class includes:

  • Yoga Asana (poses), Savasana (mini-relaxation), and partner poses

  • Yoga games, stories, songs, fun props and arts/crafts

  • Creativity, imagination and mindfulness techniques

  • Price: $50 (for up to 3 families)

This class encourages development and skills that will stay with kids for a lifetime! 

Yoga Games

Yoga Games

Yoga for Playgroups 

Perfect for Mother's Clubs, Play Groups and Play Dates

  • 30-minute yoga class for kids and their caregivers

  • Session includes yoga poses, yoga games, yoga songs, yoga books and a whole lot of fun for all ages

  • Mobile playgroup yoga can be held in your home or space you provide on the Coast, or my boutique studio in HMB

  • We provide mats and all other supplies for the yoga class

  • Up to 10 kids + caregivers

  • Price: $60

Halau* (School) Yoga

Kid's Yoga at Happy Harte Preschool

Kid's Yoga at Happy Harte Preschool

 Yoga and Mindfulness for Schools (Halau)

  • Yoga is fun and beneficial for kids of all ages

  • Yoga builds confidence and boosts body awareness in children

  • Mindfulness and breathing techniques make it easier for kids to focus in school and control their emotions

  • Teachers learn yoga, too, and can incorporate techniques into class

  • We provide the yoga teachers, props and lesson plans, you provide the kids and space

  • Ideal for preschools, elementary schools, sports teams, school clubs and more

  • We will work with you and your school to create a plan and price that is reasonable

*In Hawaiian, the word HALAU means SCHOOL. Literally, the word means "a branch from which many leaves grow."