Nurtured Mom and Baby Session

75-Min Private Session for $75

This is a premier mom and baby experience located at my in-home studio in Half Moon Bay (or at your home on the Coastside). I hold a safe place for you to be nurtured, feel any emotions that might surface during this phase of motherhood, and facilitate heart-centered mom and baby bonding through yoga and gentle touch. Self-care is always important, but it's paramount now as your attention shifts to the needs and demands of your baby. The modeling of self-care is also a beautiful gift to give your children.

The session starts with 30-mins of postnatal yoga and pilates in order to help you reconnect with your body and heal after pregnancy and childbirth. (Think pelvic floor, glutes, core, heart openers, hip openers, etc.) If your little one is awake we'll incorporate him/her into the poses for closeness and bonding. 

Next, we move into chakra balancing to help heal your spirit body after the birth. This facilitates the process of emotionally connecting with yourself both as a divine woman and powerful mother. We will also strengthen the heart cord between mom and baby in order to keep a constant flow of love and ease possible separation anxiety. Healing and relaxing modalities include aroma therapy, guided meditation, visualization, breath work and crystal therapy.

We finish up with light bodywork such as a cleansing tea tree oil application to your face, warm foot soak, and a gentle head, temple and hand rub. Delicate baby massage is included if your babe is in the mood!

It's so important for a post-partum mama to stay nourished, so I always offer nutrient rich snacks (ex: hot tea, lemon water, potassium broth, fruits, nuts, relevant supplements, etc.). 

75-minute session for $75.

* If you would like a slightly more self-focused session, this can be done one-on-one with your baby in the arms of a loving caregiver. Sometimes we just need a little "me time."