Pampered Prenatal Package

75-min private session for $75

Studies show over and over again that what’s good for mom is good for baby -- and this begins in utero! That’s why this pampering session -- held at my in-home studio in Half Moon Bay (or your home on the Coastside) -- provides a sanctuary where you can comfortably nourish yourself and nurture the space inside where your baby is growing.

To achieve this I utilize many props and goodies, including essential oils, relaxing music, Ocular Siesta eye pillows, bolsters, healing crystals, an open-mind and loving heart. Also, nutrition is of the utmost importance during pregnancy, and each session includes a nutrient rich snack (such as a homemade potassium broth or organic green smoothie.)

We begin with a private prenatal yoga and pilates session designed to safely enhance your pregnancy. Yoga is a “mind/body” science that encompasses your whole being, so it will connect you to both your changing physical and emotional needs. The yoga can be active or restorative depending on your particular energy level that day, how far along you are, and any pregnancy ailments or conditions you may be experiencing. This private session comes equipped with gentle hands-on assists and appropriate modifications. Light body-work is incorporated as needed/desired, and may include a cleansing tea tree facial application, warm foot soak, and/or a gentle head and neck massage.

Then we move into some more subtler aspects of yoga, applying methods such as chakra balancing, aroma therapy, guided meditation, baby and birth visualization, pranayama breath work and crystal healing. These practices help you stay in touch with yourself during this time of intense transition and growth, prepare you for the rest of pregnancy, labor and post-partum, and encourage a deep heart-connection between you and your baby.

75-Min Session ($75)